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Tips & Tricks For A Sleep Filled Vacation

Vacations are simply the best. But with all the excitement in planning and waiting for the big day, don’t let anxiety over traveling with a child get you down. Here are some tips and tricks to have a more enjoyable trip.

01// Create a Similar Bed Time Routine. This is so important for planning what and what not to pack up. Your child needs to wind down after a hectic day and get focused for bedtime. Children thrive on routine and if you have similar rituals when you are away, they will respond to going to sleep quicker.

02// Bring Familiar Crib Associations with you. Does your child have something that they must have to fall asleep? Favorite Toy? Sleep Sack? Familiar Crib Sheet? Make sure you don’t forget these nighttime staples at home. It will make it easier for your child to relax into a nighttime slumber.

03// Create a Similar Bed Time Environment. Try and duplicate the same environment as your home. This may require you to improvise so be creative. Need to make it darker? Try draping an extra towel over the window. To much or not enough noise? Perhaps put him next to a fan or download a white noise app on your phone and run it all night. How’s the temperature? Maybe tonight your little one will sleep in their diaper.

04// Search out child accessories before you go. This is becoming quite popular these days. If you know your child doesn’t love the pack in play to sleep in, consider doing a quick web search and you will find a company that will rent all sorts of child related gear. This may be worth not having the hassle of carrying awkward size cribs or simply to save on space in the vehicle. Some companies even deliver!

05// If you are really uneasy about the new sleep space, do a trial run! This is so important. If you are organized enough, take a night or two to see how he will sleep in a new crib, pack and play, stroller, or car seat – do it! You might learn something new about your child you never knew before.

06// Enjoy! Some vacations may be a once in a life experience. It’s okay if you don’t sneak in every nap or get to bed on time (but it is important to try to keep that as consistent if possible). Just remember, you’ll eventually go home and you will have a consistent routine soon enough – so until then, have fun!

Sleep Tight.