I cannot say enough good things about working with Amanda. Within a few days of implementing her suggestions/program, our baby’s quality and quantity of sleep had drastically improved (and so had ours). She listened to our goals and created a program that met our needs and addressed our concerns. I was concerned about “sleep training” because letting my baby “cry it out” is not something I could bring myself to do. Amanda’s gentle approach allowed us to support our baby in learning to put himself to sleep while gradually phasing out our level of support. Amanda was in regular contact with us throughout the process and often offered me guidance (via text) while I was attempting to put my baby to sleep. My little one now is happy to go to sleep and usually sleeps through the night. My husband, my baby and I are all happier, more energetic and better rested as a result of working with Amanda. My only regret is not doing it sooner.
— Kelly
Amanda was very helpful in helping improve our daughters sleep! She didn’t mind answering our abundance of questions at anytime of day. We will continue using the strategies she has given us to continue improving our daughters sleep.
— Justine
I am amazed with the improvements my son has made in the last two weeks with the guidance of Amanda. I really appreciated her constant support throughout this process and the fact that she was always available to answer questions. Our son is now well rested which has improved is mood... And ours too! Amanda was able to create a plan that worked for us and gave us tools that we are definitely going to keep using. We can’t thank her enough and definitely should have reached out earlier!
— Claudine
We were struggling with our son’s sleep as he was quite difficult to put to sleep and never napped for longer than 30 min. Night time was also a struggle as we were co-sleeping and up multiple time throughout. With Amanda’s guidance and support, we now have a great sleeper who puts himself to sleep in his crib and doesn’t wake up through the night! I am so very impressed with the progress our little man has done and am so grateful for Amanda’s help.
— Jon
Amanda was very helpful! We went from waking every two hours to nurse with our 14 month old, to occasionally waking for a moment to take his soother again and then falling back to sleep. He slept eight hours in a row for the first time last night! Thank you Amanda!
— Dwayne
What I really appreciated was the lack of tears. Sure, there was crying, but we were braced for it, and it was as minimal as possible. Change is always going to be difficult for babies, but with Amanda’s plan we were able to make it as painless as possible for the whole family.
— Anthea
Before being introduced to the Gentle Sleep Solution, our son Levi was not a good sleeper! At 10 months he was still up every two hours, and we did not know how to get him back to sleep other than to sit and rock him to sleep. This would sometimes take up to an hour! Needless to say we were not getting much sleep, and it made for a grumpy household for both baby and parents. Amanda prompted us to give this a try. Before she came over for her consultation I can admit, I was a skeptic. I said to my husband, “What can this process do that we haven’t already tried?” Boy was I wrong! Amanda was knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. She gave us our plan and the first night he took only 30 minutes rather than an hour! And each consequent night got better, and better, and BETTER! Now, we can shut the door and Levi is constantly sleeping through the night. We have a happier baby and a happier family because of Amanda and the Gentle Sleep Solution.
— Michelle